Advanced Traffic Management (WA) currently provides the following traffic management services

The Head Office for Advanced Traffic Management (WA) is in Perth, Western Australia, with subsidiary offices in Albany, Northam, and Kalgoorlie. Advanced Traffic Management (WA) and ATM Civil – work together to offer the most comprehensive range of services in the field. Services offered by our Civil Division include both Projects and Maintenance of roads, bridges, culverts, signage, etc.



Plant and equipment hire

Management of wide loads

Landscaping and beautification

Traffic Management, including supply of personnel

Highly visible traffic management vehicles and equipment

Drafting support, for design of traffic management incorporating all Australian Standards

Concerts, sporting venues and special events, including preparation beforehand and management during the events

Emergency response to spills, damaged signs, fallen trees, damaged power lines, flooding, bush fires and motor vehicle accidents.

Experienced, trained personnel, with an understanding of – and deep commitment to – Safety and Quality